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Anonymous asked:

working at a subway cant b that bad


Oh no, no no no.  You will never understand the pain of actually working at a subway until you’ve done it yourself.  You may think it looks easy because you go in and a person comes out and makes the food for you in less than two minutes, but I promise you, it’s all a lie.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • We don’t get breaks.  It doesn’t matter if you work 3 or 9 hour shifts.  You serve other people their food and starve.
  • There are no free sandwiches allowed for workers.
  • We have something called productivity which basically tells you how many sandwiches you sell in an hour and adds in the amount of people that are working.  If that is below an 8.5, say goodbye to your co-workers, you’re working alone for the rest of the shift.
  • #3 doesn’t sound so bad until you learn that there is an entire list of things to be done before you’re allowed to leave and doing them alone sucks major balls.
  • We get paid minimum wage.
  • If your manager screws up something, you’re the one that gets yelled at by the customers.
  • Cleaning bread forms is a form of torture.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve inhaled chemicals I shouldn’t have just by breathing near our sanitizer solution
  • People think you’re dumb just because you’re the one making their food

Basically, subway is stressful as fuck and I’ve cried at least three times because people are assholes to you over a god damn sandwich.  I’ve had panic attacks during rushes because it gets to the point where you start to wonder if the line will ever stop so you can at least go pee or get a drink.  I have had someone projectile vomit in my store.  I’ve had to clean poop stains off a wall.  Off. A. Wall.

All our food comes in bags.  Lettuce, spinach, meatballs, the sauces, avocado, steak, roast beef, the seafood shit.  The only things we slice ourselves are tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and cucumbers.. And half the time there’s some moldy ones in there so

eat fresh my ass

Preach it. Before working at Subway I had no idea people could be so fucking anal and vicious over a…..SANDWICH. And if it’s not the customers, it’s the horrible power tripping management and greedy franchise owners who try to get away with illegal work practices.

Thank God I’ve been free from this hell since 2012.

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