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Sick Subway worker forced to serve food

This goes to show how much food service workers are treated like sub humans these days. It’s disgusting and something needs to be done about it. 15 years ago when employees were more aware of their rights as workers this would never fly because people were much less afraid to stick up for themselves. If this happened to me when I still worked at Subway and the manager tried to force me to stay, I would have given her the finger and just walked out and drove myself home while making a phone call to the Labor board after I felt better.

lukawholock asked:

OMG, I used to be a sandwich slave too- I totally understand. One time, we had two SUVs pull up five minutes before closing. Twelve people came in, from grandma to the baby, and I cannot put into words how furious I was....! Twelve sandwiches in record time.

I got PTSD chills just reading this. Knowing how Subway customers usually are I’m almost 100% positive they knew it was nearly closing time but didn’t care. I’m honestly not sure if I would have been able to hold it together because I used to get absolutely furious when clock beaters showed up, especially since I always had all of my closing duties done ahead of time so all I needed to do was run the end of day program on the computer and get the fuck out.

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